Foods that help weight lossDecember 15, 2016December 15, 2016Christine

Eating some foods can assist you in achieving your weight loss goals quickly. Eating and still losing weight is a win win situation. Here are some foods that are great at helping you lose wight.

1. Apples – are the perfect snack to grab and carry with you, they are loaded with antioxidants and help to combat excess belly fat.

2. Steak -as long as the steak is lean and not fatty it can help with weight loss. Try eating organic beef since this is the healthiest. Grill or boil your steak and eat it with lots of vegetables for weight loss.

3. Eggs – both the yolk and the egg white is great for weight loss. Whether you poach, boil it, make omelets or scramble it you will reap the benefits.

4. Kale – is great for achieving weight loss. There are only about 34 calories in a cup of raw, chopped yale along with a lot of fiber, calcium and iron.

5. Oats – excellent for making you feel full fast. All types of oats are healthy but the best kind are steel-cut or rolled. Use them as an alternative to breadcrumb when making meatballs or eat them as part of a healthy breakfast.


6. Lentils – help to get rid of belly fat. The yellow and red ones are the easiest and fastest to cook. They can blend in with many different meals due to their flavor and texture.

7. Salmon – good for your heart and waistline! They are a good source of Omega 3 which help to build muscles and burn calories. Wild salmon is best as it has fewer pollutants.

8. Blueberries – are great for helping to trim off fat, grab a few and add them to your cereal in the morning along with some low fat and milk as part of your weight loss diet.

9. Avocado – these are great for weight loss, there is often a fear that they contain too much fat but this is not the case. The opposite is true and they are really great for weight loss.