Losing weight on a budgetDecember 15, 2016December 15, 2016Christine

Trying to lose weight is difficult at times but it is especially hard when you have very little money. This is when the obstacles may seem as if they are insurmountable. Most of the diets on the market require money. So you may be confused and frustrated about what to do if you are on a tight budget.

However, healthy eating doesn’t need to cost a fortune. While you may not be able to buy all the organic food or nutrition bars that are out there, you can shop very carefully and make wise choices. This will make healthy eating for weight loss easier.

The best first step you can make is to get rid of all unnecessary expenses such as expensive coffees, fast food shops, convenience stores and pre-packaged foods. In order to save money its best to make everything from scratch with real ingredients. If you are not such a great cook or are on a busy schedule there are many ways in which you can still create healthy meals.

When looking for ingredients you should concentrate on the produce aisle of the supermarket. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables this can be surprisingly economical. For example, you can put together a very cheap meal of potatoes, carrots and onions.


You can also purchase, legumes and grains since these tend to be very cheap, versatile and quite filling. You can cook giant bags of grains and legumes such as rice and chili beans, let it cool and put it in marked freezer bags. Cut down on the amount of meat you eat even if you are not planning on becoming a vegetarian. Cut meat into bite size pieces to use less and serve it with lots of vegetables and rice.

Make salads but do some of the preparation before hand since they can be time consuming to make. Spend an evening once per week chopping up all the onions, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers and other things you may need. Bag and put labels on them. The next time you need a salad you will have everything you need.

All you need when dieting for weight loss on a tight budget is a little creativity.