Using protein for weight lossDecember 15, 2016December 15, 2016Christine

The more proteins you consume, the faster you’ll lose weight, since the body uses up more calories to digest protein. Unlike fats and carbs which are quickly and easily digested, proteins burn more calories.

Never consume a carb without a protein. Never consume a fat without a protein. Just by having the protein together with these foods, you’ll prevent an insulin spike.

One of the best ways to get protein in your diet is to eat eggs.Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. They have received a bad reputation with regard to high cholesterol and a lot of other false information.

This is highly ironic since cereals which are detrimental to one’s health are believed to be healthy, yet eggs which are truly beneficial are demonized.

Eggs are a wonderful source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and a lot of other beneficial nutrients.

Cholesterol in the body is due to saturated fat and trans fat and not dietary cholesterol. That means that despite what you have been told, eating the eggs with the yolk is just fine.

In fact, it’s healthier since most of the nutrients are found in the yolk.

Not only are eggs a fantastic source of lean protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, but they contain some pretty important nutrients.

Eggs are also considered to be the perfect food. They contain vitamin D, 7 grams of protein, vitamins B6, B12, choline, leucine, L-arginine and folate. You may not be familiar with what most of these vitamins are but what really matters is that they are what your body truly needs.

What truly matters is how you prepare the eggs and that you consume them in moderation. Do not fry eggs in saturated fat or in vegetable oils. Use coconut oil or olive oil. Fry them lightly or half-boil them.

If you’re still on the fence about eggs for weight loss, consider the fact that, Rochester Center for Obesity in America, conducted research that proved eating eggs for breakfast could limit daily calorie consumption by more than 400 calories. Isn’t that fantastic?
One point to note is that if you are consuming eggs daily, you will be getting more than enough protein. It would be ideal to avoid protein shakes and other commercial protein products sold in your health stores. Ideally, we should be getting our proteins from natural sources.

Also, try and get eggs that are organic. They will contain less omega-6 fats and more omega-3 fats.

If you’re a vegetarian and don’t eat eggs…

There are many vegetables that are high in protein too. You can eat those and achieve the same benefits.

20 High Protein Veggies

Peas (Green)

Mange Tout (Edible-Podded Peas, cooked)

Sweet Corn (Yellow)

Succotash (Corn And Limas, cooked)


Sprouted Beans, Peas & Lentils (Soybean Sprouts)

Lima Beans (Cooked)


Broccoli Raab (Cime di Rapa, cooked)


Artichokes (Globe or French)

Spinach (Cooked)

Mushrooms (White, cooked)

Collard Greens

Mustard Greens


Baby Zucchini (Courgettes)

Garden Cress

Beet Greens (Cooked)

Arugula (Rocket)

Brussels Sprouts (Cooked)

So go ahead and include lots of protein in your diet in order to achieve your weight loss goals.